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Last updated on 28 November 2022.

Acceptable Use Policy means our acceptable use policy which can be accessed here.

Acquiring Bank means any bank(s), financial institution(s) or other partner(s) (as may change from time to time) that have a relationship with any

through which we are able to make the available to you. Where the singular term “Acquiring Bank” is used, this refers to any and all entities through which we are able to access any and all .

Acquiring Bank Charges means any charges, fees, costs or expenses that are payable to the

due to your use of the in connection with a .

Application means the process after you have created a

with and you submit the and/or any other information as part of our Terms of Service for us to provide you a with .

Available Net Funds means

minus any (the value of which are shown in your ) that are transferred to your .

Bank Account Maintenance Certificate means the document issued by your bank which identifies your account number, account name, date of account opening provided by you to confirm your


Business Day means a day (other than a Saturday or Sunday or public holiday) on which banks are open for business in Pakistan.

Card Payment Method means a

in which your pays you using a Visa, Mastercard or UnionPay enabled credit or debit card.

Charge means an instruction to capture

from an account that a maintains with a bank or other financial institution through which they pay you using the in connection with a .

Chargeback means when a

raises a dispute with their card/payment instrument issuing institution (such as a bank). This usually occurs when a merchant fails to provide the product or service that was part of a to the , or where the payment card/instrument holder did not authorize the .

Customer means any person (natural or legal) that attempts to and/or uses the

to pay you in connection with a .

Demonstration Safepay Account means a sandbox Safepay account created on our

for demonstration and testing purposes and which does not allow real payments to be made to you.

Direct Bank Payment Method means a

in which your pays you using their bank account or mobile wallet present in Pakistan.

Direct Settlement means the process through which we credit your

following a in which your pays you using a .

Effective Date means the date you sign our Terms of Service electronically.

Force Majeure Event means an event beyond the control of the parties that sign the Terms of Service which prevents them from performing their respective obligations under the Terms of Service such as an act of God (such as, but not limited to, fires, explosions, earthquakes, drought, tidal waves and floods).

Funds means the gross amount you charge a

in connection with a that are processed using the .

Laws means any laws, rules, and regulations.

Linked Bank Account means the bank account that you have connected to your

to transfer any .

Network means Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay or any other organisation through which we make the

available to you and collect the from a .

Network Charges means any fees, costs or expenses that are payable to the

due to the provision of the to you receiving payment from a in connection with a .

Network Rules means the rules and regulations of any

with which we are required to comply with as a condition to making the available to you.

Notice means a notice sent by either you or us in accordance with our Terms of Service.

Payment Method means either: (1) a

or (2) a (depending on which of the you use).

Person means any natural or legal person. A legal person can be any validly registered sole-proprietors, private limited companies, public limited companies, partnerships, validly registered non-profit organizations, trusts, societies and voluntary social welfare agencies.

Privacy Policy means our privacy policy which can be accessed here.

Production Safepay Account means a production Safepay account created on our

that is capable of accepting real payments from in relation to a .

Registration Documents has the meaning given to it in our Terms of Service.

Regulator means the State Bank of Pakistan.

Reserve means the situation when we may require you to place funds in reserve in the

(or any other bank account) or to impose conditions on the release of from the to you.

Reversal means an instruction initiated by an

, or us to return to a for an existing . Reversals may result from (i) invalidation of a charge by an or a ; (ii) submission of a in violation of the applicable , or where submission of the or your use of the violates the Terms of Service.

Restricted Access means a

that is not able to accept real payments.

Safepay Account means any

and/or .

Safepay Accounts means all accounts that you have open with us if you have more than one

with us.

Safepay Charges means the amount you must pay Safepay as listed in our Terms of Service we sign with you that are agreed between us in exchange for making the

available to you. The Safepay Charges are a blended rate of the and the Safepay Charges. The Safepay Charges are exclusive of any applicable .

Safepay IP means (1) any intellectual property embodied in the Software and (2) any trademarks owned by Safepay to identify the


Safepay Software means our APIs, documentation, developer’s toolkit, and other software applications.

Safepay Dashboard means the dashboard you have access to when you log-in to your


Safepay Settlement Account means any bank account opened with a third-party settlement bank in compliance with the rules of the

for the purposes of settlement of a .

Safepay Services means payment facilitation, processing and/or other business services that may be offered by us to you.

Settlement Schedule means the timelines listed in our Terms of Service we sign with you which describe how

should settle in your following a .

Sub-Agent means any entity we appoint as sub-agent on your behalf to provide and perform the

pursuant to the provisions of our Terms of Service.

Taxes mean any taxes, customs, duties, fees and other charges imposed by any governmental authority, including any value added tax, goods and services tax, provincial sales tax, federal sales tax and/or withholding tax on us providing the

to you.

Third Party Representative means any

that creates a on behalf of a User.

Transaction means any particular purchase, sale, donation, order, or other transaction that takes place as part of your business or any other activities for which you are paid using the


Transaction Amount means the aggregate amount paid by a

for a using a .

Unrestricted Access means a

that is able to accept real payments.

Website means our website which can be accessed here.

Bank specific provisions
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