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Additional terms for subscriptions for Merchants

Please note that these additional terms for subscriptions for Merchants shall be read in conjunction with and be interpreted in light of our User Agreement and Card specific provisions which shall be deemed to be an integral part of these additional terms and the use of Subscriptions shall be governed by these additional terms hereof as well as the provisions of the User Agreement and Card specific provisions.

Creation of plan via dashboard

All subscription plans are to be created by you using the Safepay Dashboard.

You agree and acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to insert all relevant information on the Safepay Dashboard for creation of subscription plans including plan name, pricing, currency, product ID, type (recurring/onetime), intervals and interval counts, frequency and trial period. You also have the right to choose the activation date of each subscription plan created by you.

Supported Currencies

We currently provide various options in supported currencies as well as subscription intervals and billing cycle frequencies. Any changes to such options provided will be duly notified to you, in writing.

Errors and in-accuracies in plan instructions

You also agree and acknowledge that we only facilitate the billing and collection of payments for the subscription plans in accordance with your instructions. You must keep in mind that any errors or inaccuracies resulting from the incorrect insertion of your subscription plan information on your part will not render us liable or responsible in any manner, whatsoever.

Modification of Subscription Plans

Once you have created a subscription plan on the Safepay Dashboard, you can only make the following changes to such a plan: name of the pan, product ID, the description, trial period.

The changes made to the name, product ID and description of a subscription plan shall be updated for all existing as well as future subscriptions for such particular plan. Whereas, the changes made to the trial period will only apply to future subscriptions to be availed by any customers after the date of such change.

De-activation, pausing or cancellation of plan

You can also de-activate you subscription plan on the Safepay Dashboard however, this will only allow you to stop the offering of such plan to any further customer from the date of such de-activation. This will not have any effect on the existing subscriptions of such subscription plan.

You can also, either on your own or upon the request of a customer, pause or cancel any individual subscription for a customer on the Safepay Dashboard. Once a subscription has been cancelled, we do not allow for automatic re-activations of the same. Your customer will have to subscribe to the particular plan again through your website.


We do not bear any responsibility for any requests for modification, pausing or cancellation of a subscription from a customer. You hereby agree to fully indemnify us from any claims, damages or losses arising out of any modification or cancellation or pausing of any subscription plans or individual subscriptions of your customers.

Failed Payments

Our system will make a total of three (3) attempts to charge a Customer’s payment instrument for a subscription payment. In case all three attempts fail, the particular subscription shall automatically be cancelled. Therefore, you are strongly advised to check your Safepay Dashboard on a regular basis for status of your subscriptions. Please bear in mind that we will not be liable or responsible for any cancellation of a subscription due to such failed payments.

Relationship with Customer

Safepay's principal role is facilitating and managing payment transactions that transpire between you, as a merchant, and the various customers you engage with. However, it's important to clarify that Safepay explicitly disclaims any involvement or obligation regarding the quality, performance, or delivery aspects of your products or services, your customers may choose to subscribe to.

You will be solely responsible for providing customer support and resolving customer inquiries and issues related to subscription plans and disputes arising out of the quality, quantity, performance or delivery of the subscription products/services.

Moreover, it is emphasized that Safepay refrains from providing any form of explicit or implicit assurances to your customers, be they express or implied, concerning the products or services offered by you for subscription. This comprehensive disclaimer extends to various aspects including but not limited to the quality of these products or services, their suitability for specific intended purposes, or their overall merchantability.

You must display (in a conspicuous manner) and communicate to your customers, all terms and conditions governing the subscription products/services and the subscription plans prior to the customer taking any such plan. The processing and resolution of all queries and disputes related to such terms and conditions will be your sole responsibility. We want to emphasize that we will not intervene in these matters nor accept any liability for them.

Prohibited Use

By accepting these terms, you explicitly acknowledge and affirm that you shall refrain from utilizing the subscription plans to offer any form of lending or buy now, pay later services to your customers for any products or services, unless you possess a valid license issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) or any other relevant regulatory body that authorizes the provision of such financial or lending services. In addition to this, please also refer to our Acceptable Use Policy.

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