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Additional terms for subscriptions for Paying Customers

Last updated: 4 October 2023.

Relationship with Merchant

a. Safepay's principal role within its service framework revolves around facilitating and managing payment transactions that transpire between you, as a paying customer, and the various merchants you engage with. However, it's imperative to clarify that Safepay explicitly disclaims any involvement or obligation regarding the quality, performance, or delivery aspects associated with the products or services you may choose to subscribe to from the merchants.

b. Moreover, it is emphasized that Safepay refrains from providing any form of explicit or implicit assurances, be they express or implied, concerning the products or services offered by merchants for subscription. This comprehensive disclaimer extends to various aspects such as but not limited to the quality of these products or services, their suitability for specific intended purposes, or their overall merchantability.

c. We strongly urge you to acquaint yourself fully with all the terms and conditions laid out by the merchant regarding the subscription plan you wish to enroll in. In cases where disputes or liabilities arise from these merchant-imposed terms and conditions, it is crucial to understand that the merchant bears sole responsibility. We want to emphasize that we will not intervene in these matters nor accept any liability for them.

Customer Account and Payment Instruments for Subscriptions

a. We provide service that allows you to save and manage your information for an accelerated experience by storing your information upon your authorization and retrieving it for faster checkouts.

b. When you make a subscription purchase with a merchant that uses Safepay and offers subscriptions (a “Subscription Merchant”), you will be asked to create a Customer Account and save your information or use your information saved to your existing Customer Account for future payments across Subscription Merchants when you are logged in with us on the same browser, app or device.

c. When you authorize us to save your information, you are signing up for creating a Customer Account, and we will collect certain personal information from you, such as:

  • Your first name, last name, email address, password, and mobile phone number (“Account Information”); and
  • Your credit/ debit card number, expiry and CVV, contact details of the card owner and billing details (country, address and city) (“Payment Information”).

d. Together, your Account Information and Payment Information are your “Information.” All Information collected from you in connection with your use of Subscriptions is governed by our Privacy Policy. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in our Privacy Policy, we hereby confirm that we do not store your Payment Information on our system or servers in any manner, whatsoever. We only facilitate the tokenization of your credit/debit card using the Payment Information you have provided us with our Payment Partner.

e. You must keep in mind that any errors or inaccuracies resulting from the incorrect inserted of your Account Information or Payment Information on your part will not render us liable or responsible in any manner, whatsoever.

f. By providing us the Collected Information, you agree and confirm that you are authorized to provide and use the Payment Information provided to us.

g. When you are logged into your Customer Account and you input or use a new payment instrument (such as a different debit or credit card), you authorize us to save that new payment instrument information to your Customer Account as part of your Payment Information.

h. In case of multiple payment instruments added by you, you must select one credit/debit card to be designated as the payment instrument for each subscription plan you may avail. Once selected, you will not be allowed to change a designated payment instrument during an active subscription.

i. After selecting your preferred payment instrument, you will be automatically directed to a subscription terms page. This page will furnish you with a comprehensive overview of the subscription plan you've chosen, including details about the payment instrument and payment schedule associated with it. We highly recommend that you take the time to meticulously scrutinize this summary to verify its accuracy and confirm that the correct payment instrument has been accurately recorded. It is important to note that any errors or inaccuracies resulting from the incorrect selection of a designated payment instrument on your part will not render us liable or responsible.

j. You may remove your Payment Information from your Customer Account. Please note that removing a designated payment instrument from your Customer Account does not cancel or change any amounts you still owe to a Subscription Merchant. However, such removal will render the next payment cycle from our system unsuccessful and we will not be responsible for any further acts in relation to or arising out of your subscription with the Subscription Merchant.

Modification, Cancellation or Renewal

Any request for the modification, cancellation, or renewal of the subscription that you have chosen to avail from a Subscription Merchant is subject to the sole discretion of the said Merchant. In such cases, we, do not bear any responsibility or authority pertaining to these actions. For any inquiries or requests regarding changes to your subscription, we kindly request you to directly contact the Subscription Merchant responsible for providing the services, or alternatively, refer to their official website for detailed information and instructions.

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